Backup of servers and workstations

Reliable data backup.

Data backup

Data backup is a guarantee of reliable protection of your important information. Data protection is provided by cryptographic encryption and hardware. To ensure that your data can be recovered even if it is lost due to an accident, natural disaster, or incorrect user intervention, it is necessary to back up to a remote storage as often as possible.

Our company offers the optimal solution from both a technological and economic point of view - a service for backing up data to the cloud (or wherever we have it). Thus, the information will be available for recovery even if the server's file system is completely inaccessible, including as a result of irreversible user actions.

Backup is performed automatically one or more times a day. You yourself choose the required period of storage of copies: 7, 14, 21 or 28 days. Copies older than the specified period are automatically deleted.

Бэкап данных

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