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OpenStack is a cloud computing platform for providing free cloud computing related services.
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Kubernetes is a microservice-oriented container orchestrator that is gaining more and more popularity.


Cloud file storage continues to grow in popularity and demands continue to grow.

Use of cloud solutions
for business.

Today, one of the ways to reduce infrastructure costs is to rent cloud resources. In view of the rapid development of technologies and obsolescence of equipment, the use of leased resources is justified in a number of cases, since expenses for maintenance personnel, uninterruptible power supply, etc. fall on the service provider. It is also possible to upgrade cloud resources at minimal cost.

Resource rental

The most common options are listed below.


software as a service. For example, online accounting,, etc.


platform as a service. In this case, ready-made cloud platforms are offered, such as computing power, web servers, database servers and semi-structured data stores.


Infrastructure as a service is usually represented as follows: 

  • Dedicated server (dedicated server). As part of the service, a physical server is provided for rent, which is used exclusively. Administrative access to the server is provided, the provider is responsible for the serviceability of the server, power supply and access via the Internet, the rest of the settings are made by the client independently or by the company providing IT outsourcing services.
  • VPS/VDS (virtual private/dedicated server). The virtual infrastructure is maintained by the supplier, the client has access only to virtual servers with parameters fixed in the contract. The settings inside the virtual servers are also performed by a third-party IT company or the client independently.
  • Virtual data center - providing access to a pool of servers for self-management of virtualization. The client independently or with the involvement of an IT contractor creates and configures virtual machines in the required number within the resources allocated to him.

    As can be seen from the examples, despite the fact that a ready-made infrastructure is offered, this does not remove the need for setting up and maintaining the software, which in any case requires its own specialist or an IT company that undertakes technical support outsourcing services.
    We build private clouds based on partner data centers to which we transfer your physical infrastructure
Private clouds

A private cloud is usually understood as a cloud infrastructure prepared for the exclusive use of an organization. Such a cloud can be owned, managed and maintained by the organization itself, by a third party and located both on the territory of the enterprise and outside it.

Typical organizations using private clouds are those that have reached a certain level in IT, meaning their own IT services and measurable goals, such as reducing the cost of providing IT services, as well as deployment time. In most cases, the private cloud uses the IaaS model. The private cloud allows you to redistribute and adjust the allocated capacity depending on the needs and optimize the load on the equipment. By deploying a private virtual cloud, you improve the reliability and security of your data access. 


  • Reducing the cost of IT, maintenance and software licensing;
  • Enhance Security data storage;
  • Guaranteed availability of IT resources during periods of peak loads;
  • Level up 
    data center recycling;
  • Centralized storage 
  • Improving the quality
    of provided IT services;
  • Increasing dynamism 
    the work of the organization;
  • Reducing the cost of expanding infrastructure and introducing new products.
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