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The most important business factors are time and resources. These two concepts are closely related and directly flow from each other. Any large business seeks to cut the costs of one and the other.

What for?

We solve a wider range of services for the needs of large companies: DevOps, networkers, system administration, if necessary - user support - all in one place.

As part of this service, it is possible to rent servers, which increases the manageability of the infrastructure and the speed of solving possible problems at the data center level, because all resources are under the administration of a single team.

Financial benefits:

  • Issues of vacations, sick leave, time off and banal laziness of full-time system administrators are abolished.
  • There is no need to rent a separate room for the computer department.
  • Taxes on employee salaries are also abolished along with the salary itself.
  • There is an opportunity to purchase computers and any office equipment at favorable wholesale prices.

Temporary Benefits:

  • We employ experienced, certified and highly paid professionals. They do quality work and quickly.
  • When receiving services, you pay only for the result. No organizational issues concern you.
  • You are not afraid of the departure of an experienced IT specialist, on whom "everything rested".
  • You do not care which of the contractor's employees fell ill or quit. Services are provided to you on a regular basis, we have several people with duplicate functions.
  • You get a centralized solution to all your requirements and requests, whether it's a minor repair or a major purchase of new equipment.
    Guaranteed 24/7 availability
    entrusted resources affecting the operation of the enterprise

business processes

We are involved in the internal processes of the client (a dedicated manager from Hypermetrica participates in technical meetings, immerses himself in the task not only from the side of the technical solution, but also adjusting to the specifics of the client's business).

IT - аутсорсинг
 13% or 360 000 000 000 $

That is how much the volume of the global IT outsourcing market increased in 2021 compared to 2020.

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Hypermetrica LLC has been operating in the IT services market since 2010. The company provides services to support servers, web projects, implement DevOps processes and build private clouds for organizations that need qualified technical support for their IT infrastructure.  |