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The "Server Monitoring" service is offered as part of all technical support and server administration services. To control the parameters and availability of supported servers, we use monitoring based on Zabbix. Thanks to our monitoring system, which has been debugged over the years, everything will work quickly, reliably and without failures.

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What is tracked:

  • Server load (memory load, CPU resource consumption, Load Average).
  • Disk space. We monitor the free space, with critical values ​​​​we take the necessary measures (delete unnecessary, expand partitions).
  • The state of the RAID arrays. In the event of a disk failure in a RAID array, we receive a notification and initiate the process of diagnostics and replacement.
  • Network activity. We monitor the load on network interfaces, errors on interfaces and traffic.
  • Web project response statuses. Pages are regularly checked for an HTTP/200 response, as well as for the presence of the required lines in the body of the page.
  • Status of critical services (DBMS, nginx, redis, etc.). We set up a check of the normal operation of critical services, in case of failures, we promptly proceed to diagnose and process the incident.
  • Other checks. Checking PING, TCP and UDP port status, SSL certificate expiration, SNMP checks and any other non-standard cases using Zabbix's own improvements.

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