Building a private cloud

Isolated IT infrastructure with unlimited
scaling capabilities.

What are private clouds for?

As a rule, private clouds are distributed computing services deployed on the territory of the organization or on servers rented / hosted for the organization in the data center.

The main users of private clouds are IT departments of companies that need to quickly and centrally deploy test environments, remote workstations, "combat" services, etc.

In addition, an important factor is more efficient use of computing resources and the ability to quickly scale clusters without reinstalling software.

частные облака

What do we offer?

We offer building private clouds on our own or rented servers according to your needs based on both free (OpenStack, KVM) and paid (VMWare, HyperV) software. Contact us for a detailed discussion of your needs.

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Hypermetrica LLC has been operating in the IT services market since 2010. The company provides services to support servers, web projects, implement DevOps processes and build private clouds for organizations that need qualified technical support for their IT infrastructure.  |