Setting up Linux and Windows servers of any complexity for any task

From 20 dollars.

Server setup

Do you have server setup tasks? Leave them to the professionals. Our team specializes in setting up servers of any complexity, from a LAMP server for a small project to a Hadoop/Cloudera cluster.

We perform work on Linux-like operating systems and server versions of Windows.

Are you looking for a team capable of implementing your tasks in the shortest possible time? We are ready to agree on the statement of the task and start work as quickly as possible, including on the day of the request.

If you did not find your software in the list of supported technologies, please contact us and we will offer you a personalized solution!

  • Initial server setup
  • Additional server settings
  • Troubleshooting the server
  • Server Performance Optimization
  • Data transfer between sites

Настройка серверов

We work with all popular software 

Quick conclusion of the contract and start of work 

High professionalism and responsibility for the result 

Technical support will start processing your requests within 15 minutes 

  • We provide assistance in the deployment of systems from scratch:
  • We consult at the site architecture design stage.

    We help to choose the equipment and site for the project.

    We perform the initial configuration of the operating system on the server in accordance with the architecture. 

    We customize the platform software in accordance with the requirements.

    We provide
    assistance in transferring data to the site.
  • We tune your "combat" servers and eliminate bottlenecks that affect performance.производительность.

    File system optimization.

    Web server parameters optimization - DBMS optimization.
  • OS:
    Ubuntu, Debian, Centos, RedHat, Fedora Amazon Linux, Windows Server Family.
  • Virtualization:
    KVM, VMWare, Hyper-V, LXC, OpenVZ
  • Web servers:
    apache, nginx, tomcat, varnish, IIS.
  • Database servers: 
    MySQL, MariaDB, Percona, PostgreSQL, MongoDB.
  • Mail servers: 
    Postfix/Dovecot, MS Exchange, Zimbra. Antispam protection: spamassassin, amavis, greylisting, DKIM, DMARK, SPF.
In case, for some reason, you decide to transfer your project to another site, we are ready to transfer it on a turnkey basis:

1. Choosing a site for project placement.

2. Setting up a site for hosting the project (web server, DBMS, etc.).

3. Data transfer with minimal downtime in the site.

  • We solve problems in the operation of servers on an already configured site:

    Solving problems in the operation of nginx, apache, etc. web servers.

    Troubleshooting DBMS (MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc.).

    Restoring data from backups.

    We set up a firewall to minimize the risk of external attacks (closing unnecessary ports, creating firewall rules to block attacks.

    Scan and remove rootkits - scan for known vulnerabilities.

    Complete reinstallation of software on servers, including OS.
  • We provide services for additional configuration of software on an already configured site:

    Making changes to software settings.

    Installation of additional components of supported systems.

    Making changes to the hardware of supported servers.

A team of professionals with over 10 years of experience will work on your task

Transparent pricing and no hidden fees

Quick approval of TOR and conclusion of a contract

Confidence that your problems will be solved as quickly as possible

We support all popular platforms and software

Did not find your software - contact us and we will make a personal solution for you!

Server systems

  • CentOS / Fedora / Redhat
  • Debian / Ubuntu
  • Amazon / Linux
  • Windows
  • Server 2008 / 2012 / 2016
  • Web servers
  • Nginx
  • Apache
  • IIS
  • Varnish
  • Database servers
  • MySQL
  • MariaDB
  • Percona
  • PostgreSQL
  • MongoDB
  • Mail servers
  • MS Exchange
  • Zimbra
  • Postfix / Dovecot


  • Hadoop / HDFS
  • Spark
  • Hive
  • IP telephony
  • Asterisk / FreePBX
  • Cloudera
  • Hortonworks
  • Impala
  • Kylin
  • Nifi
  • Kafka
  • Yarn


  • KVM
  • Hyper-V
  • Proxmox / LXC
  • VMWare
  • Cloud Solutions
  • OnApp
  • AWS
  • MS Azure


  • Bamboo
  • Bitbucket
  • Git
  • Docker
  • Ansible

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