Professional service
and database administration.

Storing your service data

Databases of any business are always unique, important and valuable information, the loss of which is almost always critical for the company. We provide consulting services and carry out round-the-clock remote administration of your company's databases.
We will provide you with solutions for the following tasks:

  • We will help you develop corporate strategies for building an information system, developing information technologies and business strategies.
  • Feasibility assessment and planning of the database creation process.
  • Determining the requirements for the data used.
  • Estimation of data volumes and the probability of their growth,Define data access rules and security measures that comply with legal regulations and internal requirements of the organization.
  • Training - learning about existing data processing standards and legal liability for their incorrect application.
  • Ensuring that all required documentation is complete, including the corporate model, standards, restrictions, procedures, use of the data dictionary, and end user controls.

Round-the-clock support of your data, immediate response to accidents, consulting in solving both everyday and complex issues, professional training.

Настройка серверов
    Transfer the solution of IT tasks to a specialized company!


  • Installing, configuring and updating the database server software and related products.
  • Evaluation of database features and products related to the database.
  • Establish and maintain robust backup and recovery policies and procedures.
  • Take care of the design and implementation of the database.
  • Implementing and maintaining database security (creating and maintaining users and roles, assigning privileges).
  • Database tuning and performance monitoring.
  • Application tuning and performance monitoring.
  • Setting up and maintaining documentation and standards.
  • Plan for growth and change (capacity planning).
  • Work as a team and provide 24/7 support when needed.
  • Database recovery.

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Hypermetrica LLC has been operating in the IT services market since 2010. The company provides services to support servers, web projects, implement DevOps processes and build private clouds for organizations that need qualified technical support for their IT infrastructure.

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