complex projects

Resource-intensive, fault-tolerant, scalable.

Building complex architectures

Designing the infrastructure of large systems is a complex task, the successful solution of which directly affects the fate of the project.

Even if there is a lack of information at the briefing stage, we will help you with load calculations, the possibility of subsequent scaling, fault tolerance, availability and reliability.

As the load increases, the question of performance inevitably arises. A simple solution is to replace the current server with a more powerful one or buy additional hardware if the system architecture allows it.

More subtle - identifying bottlenecks in the current architecture, making point changes aimed at optimizing available resources and improving performance.

Построение сложных архитектур
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When designing HighLoad systems, we always consider:

  • Availability. Uptime is directly related to the reputation and performance of your company.
  • Reliability. The same request should return the same data to the user, so that he can be sure that the data is immutable and safe.
  • Controllability. Easy diagnostics, easy upgrade and modification.
  • Scalability. These are various system parameters: the amount of additional traffic, the possibility of increasing storage capacity, the number of transactions in excess of current needs, and others.
  • Price. Hardware and software costs. The time spent by developers on assembling and setting up the system, training personnel, etc.

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