Implementation and support of
DevOps tools.

For development teams.

DEVOPS для вашей команды

DevOps is a methodology that allows you to create a production cycle approach. It should not be associated with a universal administrator who has some knowledge in different areas of work.

After the implementation of the DevOps methodology in your team, there will be no situations in which a responsible person cannot be found at any stage of updating or operating the system. This methodology provides an excellent opportunity to create a logical and consistent system that will help establish interactions between all participants in different processes: development, testing, implementation and operation. All actions will be included in an uninterrupted chain.

The DevOps service, which organizes interaction between programmers (Dev) and programmers and testers (Ops), as well as implements tools for this interaction, allows you to form an additional level of company management that is engaged in synchronization and coordination of the functioning of a large team.

    We implement and maintain DevOps
    toolkit for CI/CD processes

In addition to boosting the DevOps culture, we bring you the tools to bring that culture to life.
We solve customer problems and for this we use a rich set of tools.

application processing

version control

package builds

for code review

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